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What’s in a name…

CLIENT: Own studio branding

I innitially worked under the name The Utility. I hear sniggers coming from America, yeah, yeah. I know it essentially means a room where you clean your undies, but over in the UK, when I first started out working for myself again, the connotations weren’t immediately to do with washing. Now, however, with the Americanisation of the English language, there’s not a person house-hunting that doesn’t wish for a utility!

However, if we are talking language then ‘utility’ is a term used by economists to describe the measurement of ‘usefulness’ that a consumer obtains from any good. Utility may measure how much one enjoys a movie, or the sense of security one gets from buying a deadbolt. The utility of any object or circumstance can be considered. I consider myself to be pretty damn useful to the businesses I work with, hence the name.

(Excerpt above from Wikibooks, see other definitions).

Anyway, back then, ha, the URL was free, and it wasn’t lost on me that I did actually work in the utility. Yes people, my office shared the same space as the sheila maid. Not very pinterest worthy, but true. From this busy room (most productive room in the house by the way), I got started again after having children.

The abbreviation of the name is TU which I also liked as a double meaning - ‘tu’ being French for ‘you’, and it is all about you, the client, when I work with you.

After several years working under the name The Utility I took the strategic decision to update to The Utility Studio. Names and the quick understanding of which industry you move in is vital in this fast scrolling world and I’d realised that people could have been passing me by under the handle ‘the.utility’. Not wanting to pigeon hole myself to just websites I choose the term ‘Studio’ which helps to place me as a creative.

The graphic identity was motivated by Post-its which, despite all the tech around me I still rely on and love using. The logotype has been through a couple of evolutions now. It currently stands as a piece of fun, typographic joy - my words, no one else’s. Prior to that it was far too sober and serious and not reflective of me, the way I work or my work’s general mission. This was all due to not giving the project the right amount of time, consideration and branding thought I usually give my work. Working on your own stuff is very different to branding a client.

The Utility Studio Logotype
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The previous logotype

The previous logotype

The previous icon

The previous icon