The Online Shopping Expert logotype

Meeting a 'distinctive & stylish' brief doesn't happen overnight, but sometimes...

CLIENT: The Online Shopping Expert

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An online marketing expert decided it was time to invest in their own venture rather than continuing to bring business to other people - I'm lucky that she found her way to me as it led to one of my favourite pieces of logotype work in recent years.

Sometimes it doesn't 'happen' immediately. I spent a couple of weeks attempting to come up with something. Exploring ideas and researching, attempting to piece something together but without much success - the work was mediocre.

Having the background worry/dissastifaction/frustration ebbing in, a Bauhaus image caught my eye when leafing through a newspaper magazine. I studied it, and later... much later, visions percolated as I woke up at 2.30am in the morning with the image of the logotype 'ding!' in my head. I roughly scrawled the thought down on the pad by my bed - just enough to remind myself in the morning of what I had been thinking.

Morning came and there it was, so after packing the kids off to school, I sat at my desk and created it. It took me all day to make it look how it did in my head and to make the necessary adjustments and tests that are de facto for ensuring a logotype has legs and will survive; large, small, greyscale etc.

I produced the branding and the website, then rounded the project off with website training for the client.

The Online Shopping Expert moodboard
The Online Shopping Expert website design
The Online Shopping Expert pattern
Social media icon

Social media icon

The Online Shopping Expert tote bag
Alternative logotype colours

Alternative logotype colours

Initial 2.30am sketch!

Initial 2.30am sketch!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Frances to re-brand and re-design The Online Shopping Expert website and I’m thrilled with the result. Frances proved to be an extremely creative and talented designer, and at the same time a dedicated and well organised individual able to plan, manage and deliver the project on tight deadlines. I am confident Frances’ knowledge and experience will be a great fit for your project.
— Ruxandra