Laura Dodsworth website on a desktop

Personal growth embodied in a new digital presence

CLIENT: Laura Dodsworth

CREDITS: Laura Dodsworth Photography

Laura Dodsworth has been on a creative journey, and it’s not about to end soon. From a photographic career that initially saw her exhibited and award-winning, she began to seek more than the perfect image. Laura undertook to investigate what thoughts, emotions and taboos lay behind the staging and the clothes.

Laura crowd funded her first book of her self titled Bare Reality series. Now a trilogy, the final of which spawned a channel four documentary, Laura’s previous website needed a big overall.

Her creative direction had completely changed, and with the success of her work, so had her work diary. She desperately needed to reposition herself and have the ability to keep on top of updates, but didn’t have the time to do it. Sound familiar?

How do you learn how to build your own professional website when you should be concentrating on other things? Well I recommend you don’t! Call in an expert. Lucky for me, she contacted The Utility Studio.

Intently collaborating on keeping it simple, we striped out old blog posts, no longer relevant content, and excess galleries. I designed a website which is bold and feminine, hero’s her work, and clearly advertises the fields she’s now interested in working within.


Laura Dodsworth website on a mobile
Laura's website on an ipad
I needed a new website fairly quickly, and Frances turned this around astonishingly efficiently and smoothly. Best of all, that was not at the expense of being creative and flexible. She presented me with different design treatments to choose from, she asked lots of useful questions which helped guide the finished look, and adapted to my requirements and preferences. It was very enjoyable to work with her, and I’m delighted with the results.
— Laura Dodsworth